Recent Projects

Moreland City Council - Zero Carbon Moreland Communication and Engagement Strategy (2019)

Wayfarer Consulting worked with key staff to develop a comprehensive plan for the delivery of Zero Carbon Moreland. The plan outlined the principles for engagement, key stakeholders, and suitable messaging. The plan will be used to focus engagement and ensure maximum community engagement with this project.


Wyndham City Council - Life Course Strategy engagement (2019)

Wayfarer Consulting teamed with Red Road Consulting to develop and deliver a large engagement process to guide the development of their first Life Course Strategy. Community members of all ages across Wyndham were asked about their dreams, goals and fears. The results will help to shape the development of services and facilities for all residents from the early years to older adults. 


Hepburn Shire Planning Scheme Review (2019 - 2020)


Wayfarer Consulting was part of a cross disciplinary team engaged to update the planning scheme and associated policies. Wayfarer Consulting were responsible for developing, delivering and reporting on the community expectations for the project. This included drop-in sessions in townships and online surveys and information.


Past Projects

Whittlesea City Council - Review of Community Transport System

Wayfarer Consulting completed review of the current community transport system in the City of Whittlesea to inform the development of a Community Transport Policy.  Community transport is an essential service for residents of the City of Whittlesea, the review focused on how changes associated with the NDIS and HACC would impact on community transport services.


Hawthorn Early Years - Policy and Procedure Development and Review

Wayfarer Consulting is currently assisting Hawthorn Early Years to develop a set of policies and procedures.  The process involves working closely with staff at the service to understand and articulate the aims, objectives and character of Hawthorn Early Years.



Roomers - Project Review (2015 - 2016)

Roomers is a unique magazine produced and written by people who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness.  Roomers includes a weekly writing group as well as outreach and the production of a quarterly magazine.  Wayfarer Consulting worked with members of the writing group as well as local service providers and writing mentors to develop an evaluation of the project and options for further development.



Food Know How - Program Facilitator (2015-2016)


Food Know How is a program designed to help households reduce the amount of food they waste.  The program involved developing a set of resources for participants, organising, running and facilitating workshops and managing communications.  The program was run as a consortium project for the councils of Darebin, Maribyrnong, Yarra, Whittlesea and Moreland.  The program continues to run in the City of Yarra and Wayfarer Consulting continue to assist and provide assistance. 

Food Know How website


Boroondara City Council - Children, Youth and Families Plan - Consultation and Literature Review (2014)

Wayfarer Consulting is currently undertaking an extensive consultation and engagement process with children, young people and families in Boroondara.
The consultation is developing a picture of community values and expectations in terms of services, infrastructure and governance in Boroondara. The results of this consultation will help to shape the Children, Youth and Families plan, which will be developed in 2015.

Wayfarer Consulting is also conducting a literature and policy review to influence the direction of the strategy.

RMIT - Fair Trade Review (2014)

RMIT was the first Australian Fair Trade University to be accredited in 2009.

Wayfarer Consulting is currently undertaking a review of Fair Trade at RMIT to establish how well it is embedded in the university operations and teaching.

The review will be used to develop a plan to increase the use and visibility of Fair Trade at RMIT.

National Heart Foundation - Food Sensitive Planning and Urban Design Workshops (2012 - 2014

Food Sensitive Planning and Urban Design (FSPUD) looks at how food production and provision can be designed into our urban environment.

Wayfarer Consulting has developed a workshop for local government to explain how FSPUD can be integrated into their plans and strategies.

Wayfarer Consulting are currently delivering the workshops across Victoria.


Banyule City Council - Review of Social Support (Planned Activity Groups) Program (2014)

The Social Support Program is one of a number of key programs for older adults.  


Wayfarer Consulting was engaged to review the program and how it can respond to changing government policy and demographics.  We conducted a review of staffing levels, a demographic analysis, policy review and consultation to develop a clear understanding of the direction this program should take.



Yarra City Council - Waste Strategy (2014)


Wayfarer Consulting worked collaboratively with staff at Yarra City Council to develop a new Waste Strategy.  


The development of the strategy included consultation with community, staff and key stakeholders, a review of similar strategies and government policies and the development of strategic objectives and a detailed action plan.


Yarra City Council - Urban Agriculture Strategy (2014)


Working with staff and key stakeholders Wayfarer developed and delivered a consultation and engagement for the Urban Agriculture Strategy.  


The process included on-line surveys, focus groups, interviews and action planning workshops.  


Sustainability Victoria - Evaluation of Environmental Programs in Early Childhood Services (2013-14)


Wayfarer Consulting worked with early childhood services across Victoria to evaluate the success of Education for Sustainability (EfS) approaches.  


The evaluation included consulting with children, service operators, parents and stakeholders.


bestchance - Stakeholder Engagement (2013)


bestchance are currently developing a new strategic plan.  Wayfarer consulting was engaged to conduct stakeholder engagement.  We delivered a series of guided interviews using agreed questions. This helped to develop a better understanding of bestchance, its strengths and opportunities.  Stakeholder interviews are an inexpensive time effective and highly targeted method for gathering ideas and feedback.


Monash City Council - Early Years Plan (2013)


Wayfarer Consulting were engaged to develop an Early Years Strategy.  Working with evidence that had been gathered during an extensive consultation process Wayfarer developed a clear and concise Early Years Plan that will direct councils early years services for the next four years.


Wyndham City Council - Access and Inclusion Strategy (2012)

Wayfarer Consulting worked with staff at Wyndham City Council to develop and deliver a consultation and engagement program to inform the development of the Access and Inclusion Strategy.


Wayfarer used a range of techniques to ensure broad community participation including surveys, focus groups, 'drop-in' and pop up consultations.  Where possible we engaged people in places where they were already meeting, this ensured engagement of people who might not want to attend consultation activities.


Gannawarra Shire Council - Community Safety Plan (2012)


Wayfarer Consulting teamed up with Red Road Consulting to develop Gannawarra Shire Council’s first Community Safety Plan.


The project included working with local council staff, residents and business owners to engage with a broad range of community members. 


The results of this engagement framed the strategy which has now been adopted. Gannawarra Community Safety Plan



Shepparton City Council - Consultation and Engagement (2012)


Greater Shepparton City Council engaged Wayfarer Consulting to review and update their consultation and engagement strategy and associated tools.


Wayfarer worked with staff to develop tools that were informative and easy to use.  These tools were then used on major consultation activities such as the new Council Plan and Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan community consultation.



National Heart Foundation - Healthy by Design (2012 and 2014)


In 2012 Wayfarer Consulting assisted in updating the Heart Foundations Healthy By Design publication and associated local government workshop design. In 2014 Wayfarer Consulting was engaged to develop a chapter for Healthy by Design on Food Sensitive Planning and Urban Design (FSPUD).