Consultation and engagement


We can help you plan and deliver engagement projects within a COVID-19 environment. We will advise on suitable techniques for your community to include online engagement as well as other methods that are safe and meaningful.

Wayfarer Consulting is highly experienced in a range of community engagement techniques and can design a program to meet your needs and budget, such as:

  • Online engagement - we can help plan and deliver a range of online engagement activities such as surveys, forums, social media and mapping.
  • Place-based engagement – bringing a broad range of people together who have a geographical location in common can be very rewarding.
  • Active engagement – we have used a range of techniques to engage people including guided historical walks or using photography and drama. This can often bring in people who would not normally be involved with community engagement.
  • Meetings, facilitation and training – we can design and facilitate public meetings or team planning days. We can also train and support your staff to undertake large and small consultations.
  • Identifying organisations and stakeholders – we can help you find and engage with key stakeholders and organisations in your area.
  • Research and reporting - we can review engagement results and analyse survey data and develop reports, factsheets or background papers.

Plans and policies

We develop evidence-based plans and policies which are based around robust community and stakeholder engagement. Recent plans we have developed to date include:

  • Yarra City Council - Waste Minimisation and Resource Recovery Strategy (2018) - working with staff to review and update the previous strategy to have a strong focus on reducing waste.
  • Hume City Council - Creative Community Strategy (2020) - working closely with key staff to develop a strategy to promote arts and culture within the municipality.
  • Moreland City Council - Zero Carbon Moreland Communication and Engagement Strategy (2019) – a comprehensive plan to engage with communities to reduce carbon emissions. 

Evaluation and Reviews

We have considerable experience in service and program evaluation and reviews.   Wayfarer consulting will work with service providers and managers to review current services and programs and how they meet the needs of organisations and clients.  We achieve this by working with staff, service users and stakeholders to develop a clear vision and actions to ensure it is achieved. Examples include:

  • Banyule City Council - Early Years Facility Audit review (2019) - a comprehensive review of the current state of facilities and their capacity to meet changing service requirements.
  • Dandenong City Council- Service delivery review (2019) - a limited review of the structure of the service and how it can respond to growing demands.
  • Darebin City Council - Maternal and Child Health Services review (2019) - a limited review of user perceptions of the services and opportunities for improvement.